cassandra chiu

    the advocate.

    Image 5: Cassandra Chiu in a floral dress, sitting on the floor, with Esmé the Guide Dog cozying up to her left. #CassandraChiu #EsmeTheGuideDog

    Opportunities that many take
    for granted are not always a
    given when you are disabled.


    Being the very first Singaporean
    woman to benefit from a Guide
    Dog, my advocacy started with
    raising awareness, so others
    who follow can have a dignified

    Our Asian attitudes towards
    disabilities perpetuate the
    many antiquated ways of

    Discrimination and inequity
    are a daily challenge no
    matter the disability.
    My vision is to nudge society
    towards true inclusion where
    every person who is disabled
    has the equal opportunity to
    lead a meaningful, dignified life!

    #CassandraChiu #DisabilityAdvocate #EsmeTheGuideDog

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